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Landscape Maintenance

A lush-green lawn, thriving trees, shrubs and manicured mulch beds create a property homeowners cherish and is inviting to visitors. Our maintenance programs ensure your investment stays fresh, clean and healthy in order to mature to its full potential. We only employ "health-conscious" techniques when caring for your plants, lawn and beds encouraging beautiful blooms and foliage. From a simple one-time clean-up to year-round care Scarfo's will meet all your landscaping needs.
Turf Management

Routine lawn care will keep your turf healthy and thus less likely to pests and disease.  In addition your lawn will be more tolerant to drought stress and damaging foot traffic.

Weekly lawn maintenance
  • mowing
  • line trimming
  • blowing off walks, driveways etc.

Seasonal lawn maintenance

Spring (March-May)

  • adjust ph
  • dethatch
  • edge
  • aerate
  • top-dress
  • fertilize

Summer (June-August)

  • combat drought stress, pests & disease
  • fertilize

Fall (September-November)

  • dethatch
  • aerate
  • edge
  • top-dress
  • fertilize
  • leaf-removal
  • winterize turf

* treatments are subjected to soil analysis and addressed             accordingly

Additional Services

  1. one-time spring clean-up
  2. one-time fall clean-up
  3. snow removal

Trees and Shrubs

Healthy trees and shrubs define a landscape and attract natures interesting little creatures with their colorful blooms.  Soil amendments and fertilizer provide essential nourishment for plants to thrive, while "selective" pruning promotes continuous growth and a fuller look.

Fertilizer and Soil Amendment

A slow-release organic fertilizer will be applied spring and fall and feed plants for up to three months.  In addition, natural compost will be incorporated as a soil conditioner.  This combination coupled with proper watering will ensure plants have nutrients to flourish.

Selective Pruning

Trees and shrubs will be sculpted each spring and fall to promote healthy, natural-looking plants.  Selective pruning maximizes blooms and maintains health extending plant life.  Excessive growth will be shaped-up by trimming as needed throughout the growing season.

Pest and Disease

Shrubbery and trees will be monitored periodically for ailments which may threaten plants.  Specific remedies will be employed respectively.

Plant Hygiene

Periodic cleaning of leaves, dead foliage, grasses, weeds etc. from the plants structure discourages risk of decay from smothering.

Mulch Beds

Mulch beds will be edged and refreshed spring and/or fall with quality organic mulch.  Mulch will be turned to discourage layering and ensure proper decomposition.  Weeds will be eradicated monthly creating a healthy foundation for plants to thrive.

Additional Services

Annual flowers, potted plants, ornaments and window boxes can be installed in spring to enhance landscape with a spectrum of colors. 


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